Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ocaml: Improved polymorphism

Ocaml now supports polymorphism!  Well, it always did, somewhat, but with fatal caveats.  "Jumping through hoops,"  as Janestreet coders say, or relying on macros is not my idea of "high level".

Janestreet has provided an excellent description of these new features of Ocaml.  There is a very subtle distinction between polymorphic type annotations and explicit type parameters, regarding recursive functions, and I certainly could not explain it better.

This is big news for me.  As soon as the MacPorts installation is ready, I plan to switch to Ocaml as my go-to language, whereas I had been considering Haskell.  I'll still use Python, Ruby, Go, Perl, Bash, etc. for many tasks, of course.

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