Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parsers and grammars

A friend expressed an interest in an improved version of yacc. I think this fits the bill:

It's always re-entrant and thread-safe, with some other advantages and all the best lessons of
yacc (e.g. error-handling).

Anyway, I'm nearly sold on PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars).

Unlike LR parsers, a PEG parser does not require a separate tokenizer.  It's very elegant, much like BNF.  I want to do some runtime comparisons, but I expect it to be comparable.  I will try to attach a pegleg grammar that I wrote to solve this (with the added constraint of left-associativity):
Just install peg/leg, run 'leg' on the attached file (if I ever manage to post it to this blog), and compile.

Here is an interesting table:

To learn a ton about PEG:

In a nutshell, a Context-Free Grammar parser like
yacc is meant for natural language, based on Chomsky's work, not for an unambiguous computer language.  PEG simplifies the parser by eliminating ambiguity in the grammar.

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